Ask a Local: Brian Mital

One of the main reasons I moved to this area was to surround myself with natural beauty while not missing a beat when it comes to live music. Whether I am witnessing a musical icon at the Flynn Center or a rising star at one of the region’s clubs and restaurants, there is always a plethora of options to quench my need for live music.

The Champlain Valley is home to a wealth of musical talent. We present legends and modern masters from all over the world at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, but if I had to pick my favorite performances, every year several Vermonters would always make that list.

The Arts in the Champlain Valley don’t stop with music. There are several local theater companies in the area and the Flynn Center welcomes multiple touring companies every season, not to mention their commitment to bring the most cutting edge dance from around the globe.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the fine arts and the Champlain Valley’s museums, countless galleries and studios in one-of-a-kind settings in our cities, towns or down a country road.

More than pinpointing a particular favorite club, band or artist, what I love about living here is the passion that the whole community pours into the Performing and Fine Arts. The Champlain Valley celebrates the Arts in some way every single day — in fact, we try to turn everything into a party or celebration.

Music lover Brian Mital is the managing director of the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival which runs annually for ten days in early June and features local, national and international performers in dozens of venues, including clubs, waterfront tents, and in the streets.